"Simple shapes that make complex structures. Shey is the result of a combination of modular elements which when joined together develop into a system of flexible and natural seats." - Ramos and Bassols

Shey is a collection of modular seats based on an intelligent system which combines various layers by overlapping them. The combination of the different sheets enable lineal growth in progression, addition of accessories, as well as intimate and cosy spaces.

It is a piece of balanced proportions, robust and stable forms. A modular, flexible and reconfigurable, capable of adapting to the changing needs of each space solution. Amongst its technical characteristics, the PUR finish stands out, in addition to all the upholsteries (leather or fabric), which has made Shey an aseptic product, resistant with a texture that makes cleaning easier.

Shey is comprised of two main pieces in its two models. One front part or seat and a rear or backrest. Assembled using a simple but strong metal joining system with black PA trim.  The result is a slim, very light and comfortable product, which hides a great robust structure. It is a piece with balance and proportional forms. Robust and stable.




  • Structural Features: Metal internal structure with PUR finish.
  • Optional accessories: concatenated union kit for modular configurations, transparent methacrylate plinth piece, arm with multifunctional support, low tables, progressive table.
  • Backrest and Seat: low or high back options made from flexible polyurethane foam is injected over a metal structure and upholstered in a variety of colours within the 'Group M', 'Group B' and 'Group G' fabric upholstery ranges.


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