Level 34 is an office furniture system that can be used both to realise solutions for working as a team and workstations for individual work. The system is based on a 34 cm-high bench that makes it appear light and floating. The bench is the platform for cable management and places the modules such as cupboards, shelves, tables, seats or flower boxes on an easy to reach level.

The elements can be combined in a variety of ways. They can be individually arranged on the bench and offer space for everything you need at your workstation: documents, accessories and technology devices. Due to the cable baskets integrated in the bench, the technology can be networked horizontally and vertically and it is possible to plan the layout of office spaces without the need for a double floor or floor sockets. Level 34 is also suitable for large-scale solutions: from individual and team workstations with conference facilities via lounge and lobby areas through to reception zones.