The 'room in a room' is a concept that Vitra has intensively pursued over many years in collaboration with the designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. The idea of mobile micro-architectural elements has led to a wide variety of designs, among which the Alcove Sofa stands out as one of the most remarkable.

Alcove Plume Contract sofa has a reductive design that appears almost like a minimalist sculpture. Its cubic shape serves as an architectural element that can be used to structure interior spaces. In contrast to its emphatically linear contours, Alcove Plume Contract offers the soft comfort of a lounge sofa and brings sheltered seclusion to offices and public spaces.It has no tubular steel frame and a low floor clearance, comes in two heights: Lowback (85 cm) and Highback (123 cm). It appears almost like a minimalist sculpture, while its high back and side panels create an inviting, secluded niche. The cubic architectural element not only brings structure to interior spaces, but also offers soft comfort and sheltered privacy in open-plan office environments and public settings.



Material description

  • Upholstery: Alcove Sofas come in two different upholstery versions, soft 'lounge upholstery' for relaxed sitting and firmer 'work upholstery' for work-oriented sitting with various seat heights. Lounge upholstery = 485 mm (measured according to EN 1335-1 = 325 mm), work upholstery = 480 mm (measured according to EN 1335-1 = 385 mm).
  • Structural frame: tubular steel, chrome-plated or powder-coated (smooth), metal frame with upholstery webbing (lounge upholstery) or MDF base board (work upholstery).
  • Body: very high back and side panels form a visual and acoustic shield, integrated MDF boards for structural support, panel sections connected with zip fasteners.
  • Upholstery/seat: polyurethane foam and polyester fibre. Lounge upholstery = 485 mm (measured according to EN 1335-1 = 325 mm), work upholstery = 480 mm (measured according to EN 1335-1 = 385 mm).
  • Covers are removable.
  • Back cushions and cushion set: polyurethane chips and microfibre filling. The cushion set is sold separately.
  • Legs: tubular steel, chrome-plated or powder-coated (smooth).
  • Alcove Highback Love Seat: incl. 1 back cushion.
  • Cushion set for Love Seat: 2 armrest cushions and 1 small back cushion.
  • Alcove Highback two- and three-seaters: incl. 2 back cushions.
  • Cushion set for two- and three-seaters: 2 armrest cushions and 2 small back cushions.
  • A variety of colour and fabric options available including: 'Laser' , 'Credo', 'Volo' and Leather
  • Tabletop Options: 52 Soft Light Powder Coated (textured), 17 Light Oak, 04 Dark Oak
  • Tubular Steel Frame Options: 01 Chrome, 06 Japanese Red Powder Coated, 12 Deep Black Powder Coated, 32 Dark Grey Powder coated, 59 Pearl Grey Powder Coated.

Product Family:

  • Alcove Plume Contract
  • Alcove Highback Sofa
  • Alcove Sofa
  • Alcove Cabin
  • Alcove Highback System
  • Alcove Highback Work
  • Alcove Xtra High Sofa


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