Vital Plus ST with the loop leg structure offers sliding top feature for group or individual desks to enable easy cable management access. Flexible solutions; Individual, progressive and bench desks, meeting, conference and executive tables. A variety of finishes are available which are suitable for different uses and preferences, combining technical materials such as aluminum, acrylic and natural melamine.

VITAL PLUS - ST has an aesthetic edge profile angle of 50mm in addition to levelling and height adjusters. The loop leg system a recessed beam rail that allows the establishment of independently matching furniture, like columns, cable trays and splits screens, CPU holders and modesty panel (exclusive for individual tables) and can be installed on the rail connecting the tables and legs.  Increased functionality with recessed beams offering total accessiblility to the desk edge with any task chair with arms providing better mobility and dynamism in the work place.

An innovative mechanism made entirely from aluminium, provides reliability and smooth functionality- the integration of the mechanism along with the incorporation of new materials has made it possible. The additional functional requirements serve to establish and therefore increase the aesthetics criteria.

Easy access to the electrification channel Vital Plus sliding movements towards the user in both double and single desks.  In twin desks, the top movement occurs in the opposite direction.


  • Frame: 50mm warm laminated steel finished with silver RAL9008 and white epoxy finish.
  • Supports: polypropylene leveller.
  • Electrification: Easy to access, organize and store cables in the cable channel. (Electrification Frame manufactured by laminated Steel from 0,7 to 1 mm thick).
  • Available models: rectangular desks, contract desks, returns, workstation desks, bench desks.
  • Finishes: 
    • Melamine in white, lime oak, maple, elm, chestnut, dark oak
    • HPL in white, maple or chestnut
    • C.Laminate in white, maple or chestnut