In open-plan offices, the division of space and optimisation of acoustics are essential tasks when it comes to creating a pleasant and productive work environment. These tasks are often resolved with fixed installations, which tend to be costly and complicated solutions with limited variability. The Silent Wall modular system offers a flexible alternative for this purpose.

Silent Wall is a solid construction consisting of a honeycomb core faced with perforated sheet steel or textile cover panels. As a result, Silent Wall has outstanding acoustic sound-proofing characteristics. The wall elements, available in two heights, facilitate easy planning and can be configured to create a wide range of room architectures with minimal effort. The configurations can also be converted or taken along to a new location, saving time and costs. The system is highly versatile: Silent Wall divides rooms, separates work areas, delineates team zones and defines passageways. With a roof, Silent Wall forms a room within a room for concentrated work. Thanks to its connection points for monitors and tables, Silent Wall can also function as a media wall. In combination with cabinets and lockers, Silent Wall is suited for use as a wardrobe, a printer island or a coffee corner. Since it is prepared for electrification, Silent Wall can be fitted with lamps for both workstations and rooms.

  • Available in a vareity of colours upholstered in fabric from the 'Laser' range.