The new trends in office design suggest combining privacy with open and collaborative offices , where creativity and communication flow in a natural way. This evolution in the way of understanding work environments lead us to the need to adapt the furniture so that it is flexible and versatile.  With this aim, the studio ITEMdesignworks designed LINK, a modular system which creates and configures spaces of different heights that enables endless design possibilities to adapt work spaces to every need.

LINK enables you to create new spaces within offices and change them swiftly. It is a light, different program with personality. It works to complement and act as a transition between more individual areas of the office and other more open and collective places. To do this and by means of accessories that make it more operative and dynamic, LINK can combine modular sofas, operative desks and other accessories which expand the possibilities within the office, with the aim to stimulate efficiency of people through comfort and change.

Link is composed of modular panels clad in upholstery in a variety of colours and finishes. The joints consist of a superior joint piece and lower joint piece which also incorporates a leveller. The joints are made of cast aluminium with epoxy paint in black and are designed to be high strength and durable.



  • Panels: 130cm or 17cm height with widths of 69, 80 and 102cm, upholstered in a variety of colours from the 'Group M' and 'Group B' fabric upholstery ranges.
  • Joints: Cast aluminium coated in black epoxy.
  • Tables: Melamine board in 25mm thickness with standard height adjustment system 74cm-82cm.