An innovative and technological challenge, with a membrane back, cell design and ergonomic features.  The seat foam has been designed with air chambers that absorb pressure and adapt the foam to improve comfort and flexibility for user comfort. Extending this further, the high back model has an integrated headrest, designed for executive and personal offices.


  • Base: Moulded aluminium 5 star swivel base in silver, white, black or polished finishes on polyamide castors or soft band TPU.
  • 360º Swing Seat: Range of elevation from 47 cm to 57 cm. Perimeter frame injected with Polypropylene + fiberglass.
  • Armrests: Aluminium or Polyamide adjustable 3D height adjustable arms.
  • Optional accessories: antistatic castors, soft hole control castors or auto-braking castors, PP lumbar support, headrest.
  • Backrest and Seat: Moulded flexible foam PU and fabric available in a variety of colours within the 'Group T-C', 'Group N', 'Group F', 'Group M' and 'Group P' fabric upholstery ranges. Also available with the Tex ('Group T' and 'Group M') and Technical Mesh ranges ('Group T-C', 'Group N', 'Group M', 'Group F', 'Group H' and 'Group G') and the 'Net', 'Plus', Group H and Group G back.