TNK Flex provides two fundamental developments aimed at revolutionising office furniture at Actiu: an ergonomic design that is based on both the support and interaction of the user and the transcendence of the intelligent backrest, perfectly engineered to entrench Tnk Flex in the forefront of office chair designs. The automatic orbiting pivot reverts the chair back to its original position without the user having to manually activate any mechanism.

The supportive seating structure stems from the adaptable backrest (height, inclination, torque), granting the complete freedom of movement, while synchronously maintaining the correct ergonomic posture at all times.  The seat foam has been designed with air chambers, to advantage pressure and decompression of the foam in an adpatative way. This improves comfort, flexibility and a better pressure distribution.

The synchronised tilt system offers the possibility of adjusting the maximum angle of inclination of the backrest in 4 positions. The user determines the maximum tilting point, which can be locked in the upright position. At the same time, the tension adjustable offers the possibility to apply strength between 50-120ks to the back in a quick and efficient way.  The TNK Flex uses the technological platform from the TNK Collection, one that provides a unique and timeless design.


  • Base: Five star black polyamide or aluminium base in white, silver, black or polished with silent black castors.
  • 360º Swing Seat: Range of elevation from 47 cm to 57 cm. Perimeter frame injected with Polypropylene + fiberglass.
  • Armrests: Polpropylene or Polyurethane, height adjustable optional.
  • Accessories: auto braking, auto braking hole or anti-static castors and polypropylene caps.
  • Backrest: Choose from a Tex or Technical Mesh backrestTex. 
  • Colours: Backrest and seat available in a variety of colours in the 'Group T', 'Group M' and 'Group P' fabric upholstery ranges.Technical Mesh backrest available in a variety of colours in the 'Group T', 'Group M', Group N', 'Group F', 'Group H' and 'Group G- Omega' fabric upholstery ranges while the seat is available in the 'Net', 'Plue', Group H' and 'Group G-Omega' fabric upholstery ranges.