The .05 chair, which is also available in a stacking version, is suited for outdoor applications as well as wet and humid areas. Thanks to its understated design, it maintains an unobtrusive presence and can be integrated in many different settings. The flexible shell made of integral skin foam with embedded leaf springs, in combination with the cantilever base, provides for a level of comfort that one would not expect from such a compact chair.


  • Seat shell: cantilever chair with seat shell made of integral skin polyurethane foam. Shell with upholstered effect, self-supporting on a tubular stainless steel frame. Flexible backrest with integrated leaf springs.
  • Base: stackable (max. 5 chairs) or non-stackable base in stainless steel with satin finish. Fitted with plastic glides for carpet or felt glides for hard floors.
  • Use: suited for outdoor use.
  • Note: special additives retard the fading of colours due to UV radiation. However, if the chair is exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods, the colour may change over time. We recommend limited exposure to sunlight.
  • Seat Shell Colours: 05 Grey, 38 Avocado, 22 Dark Grey, 01 Basic Dark, 40 Chocolate, 10 Bright Red, 26 Poppy Red
  • Base Colours: Stainless Steel Brushed
  • Base on: Glides for Carpet, Felt Glides for Hard Floor