Vitra was founded in 1950 by Willi and Erika Fehlbaum in Bersfelden, Switzerland. The family owned company is still based there. Vitra is one of the most renowned and well known manufacturers of design furniture.

In 1957 Vitra began to produce furniture by Charles and Ray Eames and George Nelson. Today Vitra continue to manufacture these furniture classics, but have grown to embrace many more things. The direction of Vitra's work is guided by 'the project'. It is based on the conviction that everyday life holds great potential for inspiration and aesthetic enjoyment, and that design can discover and develop this potential. Vitra manifests itself on different levels: in the company's products and interior concepts, in its architecture, collections, museum, methods of communication, and its approach to both designers and users.

Consequently,Vitra do not regard homes, offices and public venues as strictly separate spaces, but as related environments. Depending on the need they create products fit for purpose. moving backwards and forwards, simultaneoulsy, on the continuum of time. Vitra are as committed to heritage classics as they are promoting contemporary design with equal passion. and Vitra is no less interesetd in ergonomics, ecology, logistics and quality assurance than in the anthropology of the dwelling.

Vitra focuses all of its energy on developing and manufacturing exceptional furniture that is both durable, aesthetically unique and ecologically responsible. Vitra, whose three divisions of Public, Office and Home often overlap, is continually expanding its range of products and concepts for the workspace as well as public and private spaces.

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