Citizens office

Tomorrow's office – today

For several decades now, Vitra along with leading designers around the world has been studying the way technical, economic and cultural megatrends have been influencing office work. This was done in order to anticipate new needs and employ forward-thinking concepts and products in the search for solutions. The Citizen Office concept is now the current result of this intense debate.

A Citizen Office takes the needs of the business just as seriously as those of the individual employees – after all, architecture psychologists have demonstrated the following relationship between office design, well-being and employee-performance: If you feel comfortable, you'll be more motivated and more productive.

A Citizen Office encourages the occupants to work using a range of postures and to move within the office as much as possible. Working while standing or assuming various casual postures provides variety and relaxation while maintaining employee health. The Citizen's Office takes us a step further than traditional ergonomics – physical activity is integrated with office etiquette in a natural manner.

In a Citizen Office, it is the employees themselves that decide the appropriate style of working, posture and place to suit each type of activity. This may include focusing, communicating, standing or sitting - in an office chair or a sofa. They have all the options to choose from, and the short distances involved make the transitions self-evident.

A Citizen Office is divided structurally into a central Office Forum – comparable to the marketplace of a city – surrounded by the various Workstation Areas – similar to the neighbourhoods of a city. This living structure provides a suitable basis for such varied activities as informal and formal communication, focused individual work, dynamic teamwork, spontaneous exchanges, undisturbed refuge, random encounters or contemplation. The result is a modern, productive office in which the individual and the team are motivated to fulfil their tasks.