Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have created Workbays as an organic system which redefines the working environment and breaks up the rigid planning grid of regular offices. Workbays give employees the freedom to retreat to the environment that best suits the type of work they are doing. The units can spontaneously serve as telephone booths, video conference rooms, reading corners, quiet spots for a coffee break or meeting rooms – without sending participants behind closed doors.

Today's digital technologies make it possible for people to work virtually anywhere. In the office, they also want the freedom to choose between facilities suited for communication, teamwork or privacy, depending on the task at hand. Workbays 90 offer options that extend beyond current furniture typologies. The versatile system lends structure and order to spaces, creating a 'home' within the office for individuals as well as teams. In open-plan offices, Workbays 90 provide for the diverse needs of employees on a new level. A Workbays interior can be adapted quite easily to changing conditions, since the structural components are lightweight and do not necessitate permanent installations.


Workbays 90 come in two basic types:

Click here to download the Vitra Workbays 90 factsheet

Click here to download the Vitra Workbay factsheet

Workbays 90 Team Houses create a clearly defined team area within the open office space. Inside the Team House, teams and project groups find everything required for collaborative work: open desk space, shelving that provides storage capacity and can also serve as a standing-height work surface or meeting spot, project tables, presentation surfaces and an area for short conversations. Workbays 90 units can be expanded and joined in rows to accommodate teams of all sizes.

Workbays 90 Studios provide an effective sheltered workstation for one or two people, equipped with desk and storage space and lateral standing-height work surfaces. In this way, they create protected niches for concentrated work within an open-plan environment.

  • Panels: thermoformed polyester fleece, available in various colours. Despite the thin wall structure (12 mm), the fleece material retains its shape and effectively reduces ambient noise.
  • Connecting elements: extruded aluminium profile, deep black finish or anodised in light silver. Cover caps on top and bottom made of polyamide; anti-skid glides made of black LDPE.
  • Table tops and shelves: 25 mm thick MDF board, powder-coated in soft light or basic dark.
  • Brackets: die-cast zinc