The Belleville Chair is a technically sophisticated plastic chair consisting of two components - a structural frame and a seat shell. Tracing the calligraphic lines of the legs and back, the slender black frame supports a thin shell that tapers from the wide seat surface into a narrow backrest. This type of construction opens up new perspectives for the materiality of the plastic chair, since the surface of the seat shell is the defining characteristic of the Belleville Chair's identity: available in coloured polypropylene, moulded plywood veneer or with a cover in leather or fabric, the perception of the Belleville Chair is transformed from a plastic chair to a wooden chair to an upholstered chair - and even to an armchair with forward slanting armrests.




  • Shell Options: Fabric, Leather, Plastic, Wood
  • Seat Shell Fabric: 01 Light Grey, 03 Blue-Grey, 04 Ink Blue, 06 Dark Grey, 07 Black, 05 Brown, 02 Cognac
  • Seat Shell Leather: 72 Snow, 64 Cement, 65 Granite, 60 Smoke Blue, 59 Jade, 58 Khaki, 61 Umbra Grey, 67 Asphalt
  • Seat Shell Plastic: 30 cream, 94 Moss Grey, 83 Sea Blue, 35 Basalt, 12 Deep Black
  • Seat Shell Wood: moulded plywood, protective natural lacquer finish - 10 Natural Oak, 04 Dark Oak, 68 Black Ash
  • Base and Frame: injection-moulded polyamide. Can be stacked up to 6 high.
  • Base Colour Options: 12 Deep Black
  • Chair Options: Chair (no arms), Armchair


The Belleville Armchair with a wooden seat shell is the ultimate bistro chair: robust, light and stackable, it plays its role with understated elegance – whether in a traditional bistro setting or a contemporary restaurant interior – and is also ideal for any home dining room. The Belleville Chair consists of two main components – a seat shell and a slender black structural frame made of plastic. The material of the seat shell lends the elegant chair a distinctive identity. The lightweight and robust Belleville Chair with a wooden seat cuts a fine figure in a wide range of settings, whether in a classic bistro or contemporary restaurant interior.

The Belleville Chair with leather upholstery not only has a refined, high-quality appearance, it also offers optimum comfort thanks to its soft layer of padding. The elegant chair is an ideal choice for upmarket restaurants and bistros. The leather cover is available in a wide range of colours and can be harmoniously coordinated with any setting.

The plastic Belleville Chair consists of two components – a structural frame and a seat shell. In addition to the model with a plastic shell, the chair also comes in moulded plywood veneer and with an upholstered leather or fabric cover. The bistro-style chair with a plastic seat shell is robust, lightweight and stackable – and also suited for outdoor use

The Belleville Fabric Chair owes its distinctive character to the material of the seat shell: the fabric-covered version with a thin layer of upholstery emanates a comfortable feeling of home. A slender, black plastic frame draws the elegant contours of the chair's legs and backrest. The graceful, understated design of the Belleville Chair, with fabric upholstery in a range of colours, is a perfect addition to a wide variety of settings.